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TikTok Stars From Addison Rae To Hyram, All Head To Short Video Flip App

Addison Rae gave a one-minute mobile video on July 27. It is basically a tutorial video regarding an Item Beauty lash primer. But it will take you by surprise when you will get to know that this was neither for her 88.5 million followers on TikTok, nor it was a reel video on Instagram for her 40.1 million followers. Instead, she made this video on Flip. She is one of the latest major social influencers to join Flip.

flip app

 Flip is a beauty social commerce app that was launched in 2019 and able to secure $60 million capital in Series B funding of investment. Flip has witnessed an inflow of some major beauty influencers, who join the platform every day. The app has been able to gain a few major beauty enthusiasts in the past month. After Rae, other stars like Hyram Yarbro and Sommer Ray posted their first videos on Flip on July 29. Few names such as  Patrick Starrr, Patrick Ta, Shayla Mitchell, and Angel Merino, have joined and posted videos on Flip since last December, and Ariel Tejada, has just joined four months ago. Noor Agha, the founder, and CEO of Flip has emphasized that for them the most important thing is to get people who want to talk about things as they put their name and brand behind them. He said that exclusivity was never a strategy for Flip. As all users give review videos of the items purchased through the platform itself, Flip created a separate category called “founder” allowing brand founders to promote their own products. Many of the big influencers so far fall under the founder category and promote their own brands. Agha said that approximately 30 to 40 founders are currently active on Flip. Flip has seen 500% growth in users and 600%  growth increases in transactions so far this year.

The influencers joined the app after they had a conversation with Flip and their managers and agents, but they’re not paid to join or post, said Flip CCO Peter Wingsoe. Any person who posts a video on the app gets automatically monetized, earns a commission on views and the products are sold based on their reviews. In addition to this, along with creating short videos on the platform, all influencers will do live streams on Flip in September. Agha said that some media like Facebook are scaling back their Livestream shopping features, but in Flip, live streaming is the main feature of their product. The flip team also said that many more big names as founders will appear on the platform soon.

flip app

To date, the followers of these influencers on the platform are still small. Tejada has about 1,800 followers, whereas Rae has only 322 followers and one of the videos has 45,000 views, while Yarbro has 496 followers and 48,000 views on his first video. Some are influencing to drive their massive followers on other platforms to Flip. Influencers Patrick Ta and Patrick Starr have shared their Flip reviews on other platforms. But Agha said that Flip focuses mainly on user growth by personal sharing and not by influencers as the majority of our users are joining the platform through others who are posting videos and are inviting their friends.

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