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Games of Thrones King Joffrey Actor Got Married to His Old Friend

Games of Thrones’ King Joffrey Actor Got Married

The very popular series Game of Thrones starring Jack Gleeson who is quite popular for playing the role of King Joffrey had broken the internet into splits. Jack Gleeson’s wedding photos are surfing on social media platforms. He recently tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Róisín O’Mahony. The couple got married on the weekend in a small and confined wedding ceremony in Ireland. The couple’s priest confirmed the news through his Twitter handle and called their wedding very simple, dignified, and prayerful. Jack Gleeson and Sophie Turner once posed for a photo back during an event. And Sophie Turner’s husband Joe Jonas posted a hilarious pic of himself looking completely pissed off. Games of Thrones Joffrey’s real wife actress is Sophie Turner. The parish priest of the church, Father Lynch who conducted jack Gleeson’s wedding posted some pictures from the wedding venue and also revealed a few details about the ceremony. Gleeson’s fans might be very curious to know more about Jack Gleeson’s wife. So here’s a treat for them. Roisin O’Mahony is a well-known face in the television industry. According to IMDb, O’Mahony appeared in several films like Mild Thing, Jekyll and Hyde, and Not a Hero. O’Mahony recently gained popularity for her splendid performance on the show, Roisin and Chiara: S*x on Wheels along with Chiara Goldsmith at the Edinburgh International Festival. She also made an appearance on the Channel 4 show, Paddock.

Games of Thrones’ King Joffrey actor got married

Why Did Gleeson Quit Acting?

In 2012 he quit acting at the peak of his acting career. But then Gleeson had made an indication about his intention to retire from acting to pursue an academic career after his work in Game of Thrones gets over. Gleeson retired from acting in 2014 after he concluded his work in Game of Thrones. In an interview, he said that although he had been previously interested in pursuing a career in academics, that idea later went off. Currently, Jack Gleeson age is 30 years old.

How Much Was King Joffrey Worth?

Jack Gleeson is an Irish actor. He is best known for playing the role of Joffrey Baratheon on the hit HBO fantasy television series “Game of Thrones”.
He appeared in the Game of Thrones series from 2011 to 2014, appearing in 26 episodes in total. Jack Gleeson’s net worth in 2020 is worth $6 million dollars.

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Is Jack Gleeson a nice person?

He is the nicest guy anybody would always love to meet. He is really a bright, lovely, fierceful intelligent young man. He created a considerable feat of acting through his acting skills.

What is Jack Gleeson doing?

There is good news for fans of Jack Gleeson who had missed him after his quit acting career in 2012 after his appearance in Game of Thrones. He has made a comeback to the small screen, but he also has other creative outlets for his acting talent. The two public appearances about which the journalists documented were actually stage gigs where Jack Gleeson was present. But is Jack Gleeson still working in this job regularly? No, he is really not. He did some theatre performances that mainly revolved around the Collapsing Horse Theatre Company. He founded this theatre company and produced for it, and was also a member of it. But in 2019 the theatre company ended. This means that Gleeson no longer has any convenient outlet for his talents.


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