Man Tries to Kidnapped Girl But She Escaped

Man Allegedly Tries to Kidnap 6-Year-Old Girl See How Girl Escaped

Brave girl Did Everything Right!

In today’s news, an unknown person tried to kidnap a six-year-old girl who went out of her apartment to dump the garbage. Six-year-old Kennedy was doing her regular chores when a man confronted her. According to the little girl’s statement, the man first tried to touch her inappropriately, and then when he was about to leave, he grabbed her hand and made her walk with him but this brave little girl did everything right and quickly responded by screaming and making people notice that something was happening wrong too which the alleged kidnapper left her and ran away from there immediately.

The Parents Were Proud

While talking to the media her parents of Kennedy were very proud of their daughter. The mother told in the interview how brave her daughter was during that time and the way she took notice of the signs and reacted accordingly is something all parents want from their child. The mother also stated that what Kennedy did had made sure that their parental teachings were right and that the child listened and understood whatever they were teaching her which includes signs of good touch and bad touch.

The Little Girl Talked About Her Experience and Her Father’s Action toward This Horrific Act

Brave little Kennedy was not shy when she confronted her criminal and when she spoke about her experience with the media. The girl told the news reporter that she was going out to put the garbage in the bin when a man walked in front of her and tried to hold her hand. Kennedy didn’t like the way he was touching her and she quickly responded by screaming a blood-curdling scream awarding the neighborhood and bystanders. The father even though his daughter was with him safe still chased down the kidnapper as he didn’t want any other victim at his mercy. The father found the creep hiding in an auto body shop and immediately called the police, the officer took hold of the matter and arrested the criminal. After taking all the statements from Kennedy and her parents they charged the man with possible kidnapping and assault on a six-year-old.

man tried to kidnapped baby

The Police Statement on the News?

The state police applauded at the marvel response of the kid and urged all the parents to invoke such practices in their kids’ lives so that they must learn who to trust and why they should stay away from strangers. The police while talking to the media also stated that the parents should teach every child the possible meaning of good and bad touch and to have a role play with the children with a familiar person and an unknown person coming at them so that they learn how to react when approached by someone they don’t recognize.

The Poor Kid’s Trauma and the Parents Decision

While everything and everyone is safe but still it was a very traumatic episode for a six-year-old that the parents have decided to not send their daughter out alone for some time and they are also deciding to move away from this place and start somewhere fresh which is good for their daughter and her mental health.


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