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Cheapest Car Insurance In Texas 2022

In Texas the average car insurance rate in Texas is $1,584 per year, which is 4% more than the U.S. average car insurance. Car insurance rates are influenced by more than just your location. Auto insurance rates include many factors such as a driver’s age and his driving history. Read this blog to know how much auto insurance costs in Texas based on different factors.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Texas

  • 1st place is for USAA with a score of 879 out of 1,000 in the U.S. Auto Insurance Study in 2021 for Texas
  • 2nd place is for Texas Farm Bureau scored 850 on J.D. Power’s 2021 auto study.
  • 3rd place is for Liberty Mutual with a score of 847 in J.D. Power’s 2021 customer satisfaction survey

Cheapest Car Insurance in Texas

  • Cheapest rate for Teen Drivers in Texas- USAA has the lowest rates, $2,356 and $2,557 for females and males respectively.
  • Cheapest rate for Young Adults in Texas- The cheap car insurance for a young drivers in Texas is from State Farm, which charges $1,019 and $1,242 for females and males respectively.
  • Cheapest rate for Seniors in Texas- car insurance in texas is cheap for seniors is State Farm. It is the least expensive car insurance with the rate of $882
  • The cheapest rate for Drivers With Poor Credit in Texas- is USAA for $1,746 on average annually.
  • Cheapest rate for Good Drivers in Texas- State Farm for $994 on average annually.
  • Cheapest rate After a Speeding Ticket in Texas- State Farm for $994 on average annually.
  • Cheapest rate After an Accident in Texas- By comparison State Farm is the cheapest average annual rate is $1,187
  • Cheapest rate After a DUI in Texas- USAA offers insurance car cheap rates for drivers, $1,560 annually.

Cost of Car Insurance Cost in Texas

USAA has the cheapest car insurance in Texas auto insurance rates nationally, not in Texas though. It is available at $994. State Farm’s average insurance rate is $51 less per year than USAA’s cost and $388 less than the overall average car insurance costing $1,382 in this state. Allstate is the most expensive insurer with an average cost of $2,210 annually. That is about 60% more than the state average rate.


In the state of Texas, what is the best cheap car insurance in texas?

After comparing various insurance, it is seen that GEICO is the cheapest insurance car in Texas. It comes at the cost of $716 for a 6 month policy or $119 per month.

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