Top 5 Movies Starring Harrison Ford On Netflix On His 80th Birthday

Harrison Ford, notoriously known as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, cleared yet another milestone. Born on 13 July 1942, this renowned actor, who has gifted the world with many blockbuster movies turned 80 this Wednesday, and even today he is still the one number face of entertainment media.

To celebrate the legend’s birthday, here are the top 5 movies starring Harrison Ford on Netflix.

Indiana Jones

Harrison ford indiana jones

If we talk about Harrison Ford, the first thing that pops into our mind is the infamous ‘Indiana Jones’. A top-rated movie loved by every generation. The franchise, which consisted of 4 movies, is about an archeologist and a history professor named Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) who embarks on many a journey to find lost artifacts or treasures for the government but soon finds himself in deep waters when more sinister things get involved in the adventure. With scandals, lost curses, and Nazis, Indiana Jones is definitely an action-packed family binge. The movies, as of now, are available on Netflix so why not celebrate this momentous occasion by getting cozy with your friends or family and give your evenings up to hot desert, spooky adventures, deadly curses, and, of course, our man of the hour in his cowboy hat, witty dialogues, and his long whip.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner harrison ford

Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), an ex-police officer goes on a mission as a secret agent to exterminate the androids causing chaos but as he dives deeper he finds secrets and dark truths that makes him want to question his own identity. He also reprised his role in the 2017 sequel ‘Blade Runner 2049’. Blade Runner is, also, available on Netflix and still has the most viewed watch after Indiana Jones. Have yourself a treat now!

Ender’s Game

Ender's Game harrison ford

Being a versatile actor, Harrison Ford has also starred in this dystopian sci-fi movie about a young boy who is a part of this initiative, being trained to save the earth from deadly aliens that are hell-bent on annihilating mankind. Though IMDB and Rotten Meters didn’t have many ratings for this film, it is still a must-watch as we see Harrison Ford with a different take on his acting from a grumpy macho hero to a more grumpy mentor who also has a soft spot for these young soldiers. The movie is a definite way to spend an evening with your family and watch Harrison in all his glory.

Cowboys and Aliens

cow's and aliens harriswon ford

Seeing Harrison dressed as a cowboy and fighting aliens is something that we’d all like to call a full package. The movie didn’t get much applause but the chemistry and rapport between Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were loved by the audience and even though it didn’t do well in the cinema it sure made its way into our hearts. That is why Cowboys and Aliens land on number 4 in being a sure binge on Netflix.

The Fugitive

The Fugitive harrison ford

A blockbuster smasher of Harrison Ford, Fugitive holds 7.8 /10 on IMDb and 90% on Rotten tomatoes. The story follows Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford) who was wrongfully accused of his wife’s murder. After a jailbreak, he came to realize that he cannot trust anyone. The Fugitive still being a popular story has strung the hearts of the audience with Harrison Ford’s yet again amazing performance. Be sure to watch this masterpiece and enjoy the day with the talents of Harrison on your screen.

Of course, you can not talk about Harrison Ford on his big day without talking about Han Solo in Star Wars, but you don’t need some article to tell you the cultural shift this trilogy and Ford’s Han Solo did, and if you haven’t then why not check them out too. What is making you wait?

There are many movies showcasing Harrison Ford’s amazing talent that each holds its own place. A remarkable actor of Hollywood, aging like fine wine, still has the audience of today and tomorrow enjoying his every piece, his every acting, and his line delivery. Harrison is definitely a blessing to the entertainment industry.


What is Harrison Ford’s Age?

Harrison Ford, notoriously known as Indiana Jones and Han Solo, cleared yet another milestone. Born on 13 July 1942, this renowned actor, who has gifted the world with many blockbuster movies turned 80

Which are Harrison Ford’s Top 5 movies that are on Netflix?

Harrison Ford’s Top 5 Movies which are on Netflix are Indiana Jones, Blade Runner, Ender’s Game, Cowboys And Aliens, And The Fugitive.

Who is Harrison Ford’s wife?

Harrison Ford’s wife is Calista Flockhart. from 1964 to 1979 he was with Mary Marquardt and from 1983 to 2004 Harrison Ford was with Melissa Mathison.

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