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Police Arrested A Man Who Was Planning to Do A Mass Shooting at Gorge Amphitheater

Mass Shooting at Washington Concert

It seems a great tragedy that would have occurred was sustained by the police as they claim that they have arrested a man who had a plan to carry out a mass shooting during an event on Friday night at Gorge Amphitheater.

The Grant County Sheriff told in his recent report that they got a call around from a concert-goer at Gorge Amphitheater who witnessed a man named Jonathan R. Moody, 31 years old, inhaling some intoxicant and reloading a 9mm revolver in his possession as he tried to enter the theater. The police immediately act upon the call and arrest the man on suspicion one that he is in the possession of a dangerous armed assault weapon and the second was that he was carrying an unlawful pistol as the theater does not allow armed vessels inside the venue. On that day there were an estimated 25,000 people attending the Amphitheater to attend the electronic dance music festival. It was also stated that Moody was seen asking concertgoers about when the event is going to end and from where the people would take their exit which sounds more suspicious towards him but thankfully nothing of that sort happened as the police acted on time and no one got injured.

The venue doesn’t allow weapons

“Moody’s possession of weapons was not the lone factor for his arrest,” the sheriff’s office said in the Facebook release. “Moody’s actions of appearing to inhale an intoxicant, loading weapons in the parking lot, and his questions about where concertgoers would make their exit and at what time, furthered the suspicions of witnesses and deputies.” The sheriff also applauded the attempts made by the citizens who saw something that was wrong and completely out of place and acted quickly on their civilian duty.

“Citizens saw something completely out of place for the circumstances and notified security, who in turn notified deputies,” the department said. “That combination of situational awareness along with noticing “something does not fit” resulted in a possible tragedy being prevented.”

gorge aphitheatre

Both the authorities and the citizens should be given much gratitude for their quick response to an unforeseen action for if it would have been neglected the whole concert would be in a bloodbath as there would have been mass casualties reported. Moody as of now is in Grand County Jail and serving his time till his trial begins. The sheriff also notified that the suspected criminal has still made no statement and neither have spoken anything on that matter and just like the police, the concerned citizens of America await as to what would be the outcome of this trial.

The Bass Canyon, who organized this dance music festival took to Twitter and appreciated the citizens and the authorities for saving them from a terrible and tragic event. The Bass Canyon also made some further statements regarding the case that Moody didn’t have a band on his wrist that acts as a ticket or a pass to enter the concert. His wrists were empty unlike other concertgoers and the way he handled and carried that weapon was a sure sign that was up to something that was no good. Bass Canyon thanked the authorities for handling the situation so well and making this a peaceful concert again.

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