“RIP Tom Holland” Tom Holland Will Pass Away In 2022 Hashtag On Twitter

All this started from a tweet. “RIP Tom Holland” this hashtag was initiated by a post on Twitter claiming that Tom Holland will pass away in 2022. Although the actor stays to be properly alive. Again, social media has compelled people to think that a famous person has died due to a viral post. This is not the very first time that social media has been taken over by death rumours. In the past, similarly, this has happened to other celebrities like Lil Tjay, Eminem, and others. Tom is the latest one to join this rumor list.

RIP TOM Holland

Tom Holland’s age is just 26 years but this online death hoax list has overtaken him also. Online stories of Tom’s death have first started in response to a post by the Instagram account. The published image shows an actor written as “Tom Holland 1996-2022.” Anybody can be fooled easily by first observing the picture. It didn’t take long for the picture to go viral on account of the social media platform which has gained over 185k followers. After this, other people began sharing this post, and other people created completely different altered images. The hashtag “RIP Tom Holland” was born from this.

tom holland zendaya kiss

But the actor is alive and doing completely well. Unfortunately, he became the victim of a fake demise post on social media that went viral. But in reality, the image that circulated spherically as a death hoax was posted on Instagram one week before the actor had posted. In that post, Tom was talking about the T-shirt from The Brothers Trust. The NGO wants to gather attention to charities.
If you come across any such false information you could choose to not interact with them or report it instantly so that others don’t fall into this trap. All the social media platforms provide this option to report it.

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Talking about Tom Holland’s girlfriend and personal life, Holland and Zendaya are one of the most loved couples in Hollywood. But they prefer to hide it from the public eye. As they’re mostly mum about their relationship, it’s sometimes difficult for fans and even some of their fans to speculate if they got engaged in late 2021. More on the Tom Holland controversy, as he once tweeted that he was a huge admirer of Modi’s modesty who showed it by naming the world’s largest cricket stadium after himself. Tom Holland tweeted on February 24 when Sardar Patel Stadium was renamed Narendra Modi stadium. Later Holland took to Twitter to “apologize”, but he did not apologize for his earlier tweet on Modi, but rather to the ‘Spider-Man’ makers. His sarcastic tweet didn’t win applause from many Indian users on Twitter. Holland’s tweet led to 5,000 retweets and thousands of replies to his post. Most of them ask him to mind his own business. The Indian users even warned him that they will boycott his upcoming movie Spider-Man 3 for his sarcastic tweet.


Who is Tom Holland’s Girlfriend?

Zendaya is Tom Holland’s rumored girlfriend?

Why “RIP Tom Holland was trending on Twitter?

First of all Tom Holland is alive and we give best wishes to him. These are fake hashtags spread by Twitter users. similarly, this has happened to other celebrities like Lil Tjay, Eminem, and others. Tom is the latest one to join this rumor list.

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