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What Is Rett Syndrome The Disease Responsible For NBC Richard Engel’s Son?

Richard Engel’s Biography

Name Richard Engel
Age 48 Years
Richard Engel’s Wife Marry Forest
Net Worth $1 Million – $ 5 Million

Richard Engel’s Son Passes Away

On August 18 2022 Richard Engel took to Instagram and announced that his 6-year-old son Henry Engle died due to Rett Syndrome. The emotional note by the mourning father saddened a lot of people while a picture of his son showed how happy his son looked. Henry died on August 9 according to a memorial page posted on Texas Children’s Hospital. He was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome as an infant, a rare genetic neurological disorder that slows down growth and leads to severe physical and cognitive impairments. Richard and his wife noticed that their son was not covering his proper milestone at the required age so they went into many medical exams to find a diagnosis and a possible cure. After a series of tests and reports, it was declared by the doctors that he has an incurable disorder called Rett Syndrome.

richard engel son passes away
Richard Engel son passes away

What Is Rett Syndrome the disease responsible for Richard Engel’s Son?

Rett syndrome is an incurable rare developmental disorder that causes a loss of motor skills and language, according to the Mayo Clinic. It typically affects females. Newborns with Rett syndrome develop in an expected manner for the first six months, though afterward, they begin to lose skills such as crawling, walking, communicating, or using their hands, the clinic says. These complications will then progress to possibly include muscle coordination and communication issues, seizures, and cognitive impairments.

When Richard Engel Noticed Rett Syndrome in Son?

Richard Engel and his wife first noticed changes in Henry after six months when the child failed to sit up without help or couldn’t hold objects, according to People. The couple took Henry to get tested when he couldn’t perform motor functions like walking, sitting or standing and had a hindrance in language. Engel told People on Sept. 23, 2019, that Henry began to have seizures. The NBC correspondent gave an update in May that Henry had “taken a turn for the worse.”

richard engel son rett synddrome

“His condition progressed and he’s developed. Henry was showing signs of improvement from his medical treatment and recently Engel celebrated his son’s first milestone at the age of 3 when he finally said dada. It’s sad to hear that the kid is no more. NBC News colleagues and other notable names sent condolences to Engels on Twitter.

Songstress Nancy Sinatra called the news a “tragedy.” “To say I’m so sorry isn’t enough. I’m heartbroken for you, and I have no words that make any sense,” Sinatra wrote. “He will always be with you, even in the emptiest times though you can’t hold him in your arms. Please don’t despair”

MSNBC’s “The Katie Phang Show” host Katie Phang said she was lifting Engel and his family “in love and support.” “Such devastating news. The loss of a child is a pain that no parent should ever endure,” Phang wrote. “Our deepest condolences to you and Mary and the rest of your family.”

NBC and MSNBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff hopes “sweet Henry’s memory” will be a “blessing.”

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