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Congressional Candidate Mike Itkis talks about Sex Positive Approach Through his sex video “Bucket List Bonanza”

Mike Itkis Sex Video

To demonstrate his sex-positive approach, a candidate running to replace Rep. Jerry Nadler in the US Congress posted an adult film on Pornhub. The independent candidate for the 12th Congressional District of New York, Mike Itkis, co-starred in the 13-minute sex video “Bucket List Bonanza” with pornstar Nicole Sage.

Mike Itkis Talks About Sex Video

The movie has been viewed more than 1 lakh times on the pornographic website since it was posted three months ago, according to a report by UPI. Itkis told that “if I would just talk about it, it wouldn’t reflect my dedication to the subject. And the fact that I actually did it was a great learning experience, and it actually changed issues on my platform.” Itkis allegedly made the sex tape with pornstar Nicole Sage last year. The video has 87.9k views as of this writing and a 41% rating. The video comprises two parts, the first of which was shot in July 2021 and the second in October 2021, and it was published three months ago. It’s not clear if the video was initially made for political reasons. Sage gives her permission for the intercourse and for the footage to be posted in the opening scene of the video, which was shot in July 2021. She goes on: “I’m not being dragged here by anyone. I’m not drinking or using drugs, either.” The second segment of the video, which was shot in October 2021, is where Sage grants permission for the posting of the video following her approval of the finished result. Sage continues to speak while Itkis enters the video, letting the viewers know that they are all aware of their own sexual boundaries. the secure phrase? “Stop.” Itkis’ Pornhub page features a collection of talking points outlining his political stances, such as language supporting sex labour, consent, and abortion.He also cites the fact that he decided not to use a condom as evidence for why access to abortion should be made legal.

Mike Itkis Objectives For Shooting this Video

Mike Itkis has campaigned for “sex positivity,” which includes sex worker legalisation and the protection of sexual rights. According to his campaign website, he wants to “make sexual rights explicit do NOT rely on privacy or free expression rights.” The candidate has built his campaign on a sex-positive stance and supports abortion rights, decriminalising sex work, ending adultery laws, and ending government involvement in marriage. He is expected to lose the congressional race to Nadler. According to his campaign website, the 53-year-old Army cyber operations officer wants to fight for topics like privacy protection and defining consent. Congress candidate Mike Iktis actively opposed the conservative view that sex should only occur between a man and a woman who are married, according to the “sex positive” philosophy he presented on his campaign website.

Mike Itkis also favours enhancing cybersecurity and putting a stop to the crisis in Ukraine. The government must take on responsibility for providing residents with a secure computing environment and maintaining a balance between security and privacy, claims Itkis’ campaign website. Mike Zumbluskas, a Republican running for congress, told City and State that he understands the choice. “You have to fulfil your responsibilities. The media ignores anyone in the city who is not a Democrat, “he added. Rep. Jerry Nadler is the Democratic nominee for the 12th Congressional District in Manhattan.

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